Who We Are:

Healthy Homes™ provides quality education, training and development for housing and real estate industry professionals. Sometimes our students graduate from our pre-license/certification training and sometimes they come to us for continuing education and development. Although word of mouth referrals are the best way for our real estate industry professionals to earn the consumer’s business, it is not always possible and consumers often turn to us for help navigating their selection process. Previously, we could only provide a biased recommendation based on our relationships with our students. Consumers are left to decipher on their own the value of the association logo on the business card.  ​

Highly qualified professionals in the housing and real estate industries.

  • Instructors & Trainers who are specially trained in adult distance learning and bring extensive industry expertise to the classroom – both physical and virtual! Whether you are in a regulated or unregulated state, Healthy Homes™ trainers provide the best education for future professionals.
  • Realtors & Builders whose expertise & exceptional quality compliment your unique needs when buying, selling or building a home.
  • Radon Measurement and Mitigation Specialists who put your health, safety and quality above profits.
  • Home Inspectors who provide quality, unbiased reports and understand the unique needs of their client whether they are first time homebuyers or seasoned flippers.
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessors who specialize in lead, mold, asbestos and indoor pollutants that affect your health.
  • Energy Assessors who understand the complexities of building performance and assess the cost benefits of improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Our team of highly experienced professionals will provide honest, quality, specialized services with your health and safety as top priority.

What We Do:

Industry Education

  • Whether your need is certification, licensing or continuing education you will find our instructors and trainers the best in the industry.
  • We have no other agenda but your success in the classroom and in your industry.
  • Unlike most training classes that are hosted by manufacturers with a primary interest in selling you a product or non-profit associations vying for your membership, our classes provide unbiased education so you can learn without the pressure of ‘signing on the dotted line’ at the end of your class.

Real Estate Representation

Whether you are building, buying or selling a home, Healthy Homes™ Realtors and builders will represent you well. Your unique needs are our top priority in helping you find your perfect home!

Unlike most places where you  who aren’t simply ‘retiring’ but bringing their expertise to the classroom. Experienced educators and/or trainers who specialize in adult distance-learning.

Important considerations when selecting the best certification or pre-license class

Is the course…

…designed by educators with extensive field experience?

…taught by educators with extensive field experience?

…taught by educators who specialize in adult distance-learning?

…designed according to your state’s regulations?